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Long-tailed meadowlark (Sturnella loyca)

The long-tailed meadowlark is a very common bird in Patagonia and throughout Chile, which is distributed from central Chile and Argentina to Tierra del Fuego. It presents a marked sexual dimorphism; the male has a blackish brown head, back and wings, with a marked white line over the eyes. Its chest is of a very intense red color, visible at great distances. The females have a similar coloration, although more muted and with less contrast.

It prefers open, steppe and scrub environments, forest edges, wetland areas, and coastal areas. It is common to observe them in pairs or flocks of family groups, especially during winter, forming very boisterous groups. It feeds on insects, seeds, grass and fruits, which it finds in the ground.

Potos: Pía Vergara @piavergarafotografia

Text: Nicolás Lagos @nicolagos_s

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