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In this excursion called “Conservation Safari”, passengers will accompany our professional trackers to the field, who have dedicated themselves to studying the pumas living on the Estancia. Through observation with binoculars, review of camera traps, talks and presentation of audiovisual material, the team of researchers will share with passengers their daily work, achievements and challenges. 

On this excursion, passengers will learn not only about this magnificent feline, king of Patagonia, but also the varied wildlife characteristic of the region and our work to achieve harmonious coexistence between livestock and wildlife.

Join us on the field and learn about our work!

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Module 1

Exit to Condoreras sector;

observation with binoculars. Hike

short, review of camera traps and

visit to experiment with guard dogs.

Breakfast on the field.


Back to the hotel.

Lunch and rest.

Module 2

Visit the "puma house" to learn about the

results and share experiences with the trackers.

Module 3

Exit to Sierra del Toro sector;

observation with binoculars. Hike

through the forest and review of cameras


Food on the field.


During the excursion

- Tracker always leads the way

and tells us how to act.

- Move in compact groups.

- Approach distance: It will never be less than 50 meters.

- Remain silent or speak very low (do not yell, talk or make loud 


- Act naturally and quiet (do not try to hide).

- Discreet clothing: neutral colours

that blend in and that don't sound.

- Keep cell phones on silent when

being on the field.

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In case of sighting

- Stay calm.


- Move slowly.


- Always stand up facing the animal.


- Don't bend over.


- Don't turn your back to it.


- Do not run.

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