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“Preserve the natural and cultural heritage from a harmonious coexistence among its actors, safeguarding the legacy for future generations and humanity."


With the intention of projecting this legacy and treasure of humanity for the next generations and with the intention of promoting a harmonious and respectful relationship and coexistence between human activity and the species and ecosystems of the territory.

For what?

The desire to preserve both the natural and cultural heritage of the area, which includes biodiversity, paleontology, customs, architecture and archaeology, among other elements.


Learn how our foundation was born and the path we have taken to get to where we are today.


Learn about the actions we are taking day by day to achieve our goal of harmonious coexistence between livestock

and wildlife.


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"Since I am conscious I have felt part of nature, I believe that we are all part of nature, by essence. To be able to be working on something that complements my need to be in nature and at the same time being able to contribute to bringing humanity closer to this is a dream come true, using photography as a tool to protect the species that live here. Also, from the first time I set foot in Patagonia, it captivated me in such a way that I have never stopped going, like the Estancia... I think it is a very special place which I hope many people can get to know. Being able to help achieve a real and respectful coexistence between livestock and wildlife, especially with Pumas... working as a team and collaboration is like we make dreams come true. "



Head of Operations

"Being able to help conserve species as charismatic as the puma and the condor is the dream of many of us who work in conservation. Being part of the Cerro Guido Conservation Foundation gives me the opportunity to fulfill this dream by contributing a grain of sand in this great a task that implies both challenges and rewards. I am very happy to be given the opportunity to be part of this great team, to take action for conservation, to be part of a legacy that will last over time."

Foto: Pía Vergara



Tracker and guard dog supervisor.

"What motivates me the most about this project is the type of work, always in contact with nature and being able to contribute with different methods of protection for livestock and wildlife."

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Administration and Finances

"As an amateur photographer, I got closer and began to know a little more about the pumas that fascinated me more and more. On the other hand, I always thought that I wanted to work in conservation at some point. And when I found out about this project that combined my desire to contribute to the conservation of species and the pumas, I wanted to be part of it. I think it is essential and motivates me to try to harmonize the coexistence between livestock and pumas, not only in Cerro Guido but hopefully throughout Patagonia and if I can contribute much better to it. To all of the above, let's add that a large part of the work is in the field, outdoors and with my camera by my side."

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Administración y Finanzas


"For me, it is very valuable to belong to this team since it gives me the opportunity to develop professionally within a job with meaning, in this case, conservation, which makes us more aware of the natural wealth that we have in our country and is the main legacy to future generations."

Nico Lagos - Equipo Conservacion Estancia Cerro Guido, patagonia


Conservastion advisor

"I believe that my main motivations are two and that they differ in their origin: one comes from the head and the other from the heart. The first is that I have the conviction that a path towards coexistence between livestock and wildlife is possible. I would like that Cerro Guido can be transformed into a model ranch and that its experiences can be replicated in other places, both within Patagonia and abroad, being a contribution towards a new way of developing human activities, in harmony with its environment.

The second is related to the bond and the love I feel for the Pumas and towards the place. For me, being in Patagonia, and especially with the pumas, is an experience that makes me return to my essence, to understand my place in the world and realize that this place is out there, with nature. On the other hand, being part of a tremendously capable and passionate team that loves what it does, and with which we share the same goals, is the engine that keeps these motivations more alive than ever. And for me, this is essential to be able to achieve success in any project. "


cristian matetic.jpg

Cristián Matetic


"For me, this project represents challenging the "established" truths, motivating the encounter between worlds that seem to have little in common, and opening the way when one has a purpose. Here we are betting on a project that seeks to rescue all the positive that exists in different areas when developing a territory, on the one hand, the importance of the local fauna and flora, on the other the contribution of livestock to the development and settlement of this area, writing history and defining its cultural traditions, all of this united by tourism, which is the medium that allows all this to be valued and shared".

jorge matetic.jpg

Jorge Matetic


"The world is a great ecosystem and we all must take care of it because living beings are genetically designed for this ecosystem and not for another, so we must take care of it."

nicolas simunovic.jpg

Nicolás Simunovic


"What motivates me most about this project is the type of work, always in contact with nature and being able to contribute with different methods of protection for livestock and wildlife."


Consuelo Valdés



Isabel Behncke


"The Magallanes region, a unique natural and cultural setting in our country and in the world, has captivated me since I met it as a teenager. Land of pioneers whose spirit inspires and reinforces the objectives of the Cerro Guido Foundation, which I make my own. I value the opportunity to contribute and be part of a group of people who feel the responsibility of seeking alternatives for a demanding sustainable development that combines biocultural conservation, tourism, and entrepreneurship. I am grateful to be part of that commitment and, by the way, to keep my connection with a Patagonia that is in the universal imaginary."

"I just went for a walk, and in the end, I decided to stay out until dark, because I discovered that when I went out, I was actually going in."

- John Muir

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