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Cóndor (Vultur gryphus)

The Condor, with a wingspan that can reach more than three meters, the condor is the largest flying bird in Chile. It is distributed throughout the entire Andes mountain range, from Colombia to Tierra del Fuego, from sea level to 5,000 meters of altitude.

Foto: Mirko Utrovicich

Its plumage is black, except for the upper part of the wings, which are white. They also present a collar of white feathers around the neck and the males present a characteristic crest, absent in the females.

The condor feeds mainly on dead animals, and its diet includes both domestic livestock and wild animals. However, you can also consume small live animals, including newborns. Sometimes it can prey on adult cattle, which it attacks by pecking the anus. To search for food, it uses thermal currents, being able to travel long distances, which even reach more than 350 kilometers in just one day.

Photos: Pia Vergara @piavergarafotografia

Text: Nicolás Lagos @nicolagos_s

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